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Prismaluxe - Jason Weatherspoon


"Meditative blending of translucent layers take on their own dynamic though the power of Color Theory. Stretching the physical limits of the acrylic medium alludes to the the balance of order and chaos. Through my current process; harmony is found and calming sense of balance achieved."

Born in Durham NC; Weatherspoon was the first in his family to attend college, finding a love for literature and poetry. There he stumbled across a hidden talent; the ability to draw photo-real and sculpt anything he could imagine. He found local notoriety as a ceramic sculptor in Asheville NC where he attained his BFA (UNCA).

As one of the founders of Wedge Gallery, Jason and his future wife Lauren Gibbes began organizing art shows and happenings in what would eventually be called the River Arts Distict of Asheville. This creative and entrepreneurial spirit garnered the attention of many local and state publications. Resulting in Museum and University group exhibitions and eventually a multi page article in the NYT travel magazine about the Asheville art scene.

A move to Brooklyn NY was prompted by this national attention. Weatherspoon found a warm embrace: showing in Chealsea, the LES and Williamsburg Art galleries.

Weatherspoon departed from his established figure sculpture work and began painting in oil. Finding the figure in his work being dissolved into the background of Op/hard edge abstractions.

The space once occupied by a figural archetype and power symbology became pure color expression. As in poetry, the excess had been cut away: the color itself was now the subject matter. 

Jason Weatherspoon is a nationally award winning artist, part time real estate developer and co-owner of Blue Ridge Biofuels. Currently living in beautiful Charleston SC with his wife, Lauren, and two daughters. Jason creates work for private collectors and corporations alike. 

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